On-Demand Instructor-Led (Self-Paced)
Cyber Security Analyst Training Program

At CyberTech Labs, people with busy schedules can work at their own pace and access the same course materials without attending the live classes.

Our on-demand instructor-led (self-paced) training provides a flexible learning environment, including all our regular live program's content. As the trainees determine the pace and timing of the learning experience, this course is convenient for those who are taking the course in a different time zone. Trainees are given the liberty to take the course at any time of the year and choose their learning progress.

The program provides a blend of recordings of live classes, labs, and exercises. Trainees have 24/7 access to the materials for a period of months.

If the trainees find a topic overwhelming throughout the course, they can always attend synchronous sessions on weekends to address questions and concerns.


Training Length

24/7 access to the materials for a period of months. Trainees have the ability to complete the course in a shorter time.
Start any time!



Trainees determine the timing of the learning.


Learning Experience

Our classes 100% virtual and self-paced.


Holistic Approach

Students gain a broad understanding of cybersecurity with the hands-on skills to apply it on the job. These skills help students enter the cybersecurity field and enable their long-term success.


Lab Tools

We deliver hands-on, technical labs that delve into essential security concepts and real-world scenarios while incorporating industry-recognized open source and commercial tools.



We believe that peer learning is essential for any education journey. In addition to the learning environment, trainees have opportunity to join small groups to work on labs.


Competency Assessments

Students have 1-on-1 verbal competency assessments after the modules to ensure all concepts are truly grasped.


Job Preparation

We are committed to helping our students enter the cybersecurity industry. Through job preparation training, students build their resume and join mock interviews.


Cyber Security Certification

Upon completion of the cyber security analyst training program, students will have sufficient knowledge and technical training to be able to take the CopTIA Security+ and CompTIA CySA+ certifications.

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